Our CEO Damien Dernoncourt is racing across the Atacama Desert in Chile to raise funds for Job for Life! A charity program in Bali, Job for Life provides local orphans educational support and apprenticeships on the John Hardy compound .The program was started by Damien and John Hardy Head Designer and Creative Director Guy Bedarida in 2009 and has been helping the kids to build better lives for themselves ever since.

Damien started his race on March 3 and finishes 7 days and 150 grueling miles later on March 9. It’s an intense run but he’s passionate about supporting the Job for Life program any way he can! You can check out his progress on his blog.

Good Luck Damien! We’re cheering for you!


Our Home & Lifestyle collection is inspired by traditional Balinese objects and materials, drawing on ancient metal-smithing techniques passed down from artisans of the Balinese royal courts. Ingenious juxtapositions of sterling silver and organic materials such as black palm wood, buffalo horn, coconut shell and bamboo are beautifully combined, by hand, to present a ravishing look and warm feeling for your home. Alabaster, agate and crystal are some of the most luxurious materials used to create items that show off John Hardy’s style of spectacular craftsmanship.


The iconic men’s collection is a masculine interpretation of the brand’s classic collections. Every piece is handcrafted, streamlined and sleek with rare stones and intricate designs to create unmistakably strong looks. From cufflinks and necklaces to bracelets and rings, our bold men’s collection gives a lasting impression that the discerning man aims for.


In our beautiful Bali compound, we have an organic kitchen where five-star chef, Pak Ngurah, prepares a meal of traditional Indonesian specialties for our guests and staff of more than 650 people every day!

Because we are dedicated to sustainable living, produce from our organic garden and surrounding farms is used for delicious meals cooked over a wood fire in the authentic Balinese open-air kitchen.


Our CEO Damien Dernoncourt has written an official pledge support letter for the protection of Bristol Bay’s wild salmon fishery from the proposed pebble gold and copper mine. Here at John Hardy, we are committed to supporting high conservation actions and policies that ensure that mine projects do not result in the contamination of the natural environment with toxics or acid drainage.

Help the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency initiate the 404C process to protect the world’s greatest wild salmon fishery!  The EPA has the authority under 404C of the Clean Water Act to prohibit the disposal of mine waste in the Bristol Bay watershed.


In 2009, Jobs For Life was started by CEO, Damien Dernoncourt, and Head Designer & Creative Director, Guy Bedarida, to support severely disadvantaged Balinese female orphans. The education focused program aims to ease the transition from orphanage to the real world by providing vocational training and practical skills that can be marketed as they look for work. In addition, John Hardy pays for the students’ school fees for the last two years of high school and aims to offer them full-time employment opportunities at the John Hardy Bali compound after they graduate from high school. We always do everything we can to give back to the global community!

2012 Earth Day Activities

In the month of April, all the John Hardy offices celebrated Earth Day to show our dedication in being Greener Every Day!

New York
The New York office donated 4,272 trees to the Arbor Day Foundation to be planted across the US, with a focus on the areas affected by recent wildfires.

Hong Kong
The Hong Kong office held a clothing drive in order to donate old clothes to Caritas, a charitable organization in Hong Kong. A total of 150 items were brought in!

Notices were placed around the office in Bangkok as a friendly reminder to be green in every single way.

The Bali staff gave a presentation called “Keeping Clean from Plastic Waste” to a local Elementary school and created a pledge board where everyone could post how they promise to be green. The team also had the awesome opportunity to plant Bamboo with the Balinese governor!

Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you for your support of our recent “Keep Smiling Thailand” campaign! On January 31st, with your generosity, we presented a check for 24,300 USD to Dr. Sumet Tantivejkul, Secretary General of Chaipattana Foundation in Thailand. The funds came from our online sales during the campaign to help provide aid to the victims of the recent flooding in Bangkok. Michelle Yeoh, actress in the upcoming film “The Lady,” and Luc Besson, French film director and producer, attended the presentation to lend their support to the Foundation and their work, providing those affected by the flooding with food, shelter, medical care and other urgently needed resources. Thank you for helping us to raise these greatly needed funds.